On-the-Spot Speaking Skills:

Society expects us to respond “Here and Now”. RIEOTS develops key skills of grasping questions on-the-spot, quickly formulating apt answers on-the-spot, and articulately delivering it on-the-spot.

Build Powerful Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation through Speaking:

The best moment to catch your English errors is when you speak. Use it for customised learning. It is foolish to memorize grammar-rules/vocabulary-lists & to expect to apply them instantly.  

Fine-tune Body-language, Enhance Likeability:

We hate others for their poor body-language. But, what about ours? 80-85% of our communication is through body-language. Nobody gives a feedback on body-language. RIEOTS helps you refine it.

Ability to Deal with Hostile Situations & Emotional Issues:

We expose you to unpredictable and anxious situations many number of times. By evaluating your responses, we help you deliver a clear, direct & persuasive message - to anybody.

Present with Great Impact:

Respond in a language that everyone can understand. Deliver clear and ‘Straight-to-the point’ messages wherever required. Present your ideas and be remembered.