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Espoir was founded in 2005 by a team of industry professionals working with leading global companies specializing in Technology, Engineering, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing and Educational Psychology.

We realize the criticality of skill-gaps, and its grave consequences. We invested our years to invent lasting solutions that can turn ordinary into extra ordinary. We innovate new methodologies and technologies so that the result makes meaning to millions of lives.

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Our Values, Our Beliefs

We are passionate about what we do. We are happy with our creations because our users are satisfied with what they could achieve in real life situations as a result of trusting our products and programs. Your input is the trigger for our innovations.

We don’t advertise. We believe, if you are really in need, you would search and find us. We also believe, ultimately, you are responsible for your future. We can sincerely help. Why not meet us on ‘About Us’ page?

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Espoir Anthem

An Espoir Worldwide Initiative

Espoir Anthem



For High-Stake Interactions &

Must-Win Examinations



Our experience with thousands of learners proves that even a below-average learner quickly becomes a good listener, and starts speaking in five to six attempts!  

This is an open secret. A person’s extempore response to a quick question always exposes his/her shortcomings in English language abilities.

Most learners get addicted to these listening & speaking sessions. It eliminates fear of English, builds self-confidence, & develops trust in the process. Learners gets engaged, & committed. Result? Faster & sustainable learning!

Random Samples (out of 300) of Conversations from the Spoken English Simulator. Click images to play.

Why Speaking is the Most Crucial Language Skill?

How Speaking & Listening Build Solid Foundation?

How Good Speaking Leads to Good Writing?

How Speaking Skills Enhance Reading Skills?

Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 1 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 2 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 3 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 4 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 5 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 6 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 7 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 8

Listen & Speak Using ‘Spoken English Simulator’

World’s First & Only Theme-based Complete English Enhancement Products. Click Images for Details

Enjoy Learning Grammar/Vocabulary/Usages through Your Favourite Themes

Random Tests (out of over 600 Intermediate, Advanced & Random Tests). Click images to play.

Contextual Feedback & Interactive Tests

That is the reason we created world’s first & only Spoken English Simulator, that engages the learner in interesting conversation. And, his/her quick answers are captured for analysis. This leads to the creation of a personalised syllabus.

Another secret. An adult can acquire English skills only through a theme, he/she is passionate about. In cognitive educational psychology, this learning methodology is called Content-Based Instruction (CBI), or Theme-based Learning.

Therefore, we created World’s only Theme-based English programs. It smoothly builds the crucial English skills in line with the Syllabus created in Step-1.

Result? Each candidate goes through motivating, meaningful & customised lessons. This leads to automatic acquisition of superior English skills that are sustainable. Step 1 and Step 2 ensure Faster Learning, and Longer Retention.

Yet another secret! Feedback plays vital role in language development - only if it is factual, timely, & convincing. That is the reason we developed ‘contextual feedback module’ to ensure quick ‘ingraining’ of English skills.

This method requires the learner to do periodic iterations of Step-1, & 2. They witness the consequences. The learner is the key participant in the process - not the teacher. The learner automatically takes up the ownership of learning.

SpeakEnglishGym provides the maximum number of interactive tests - over 500! This include topic wise intermediate tests, advanced tests & Random tests.


Smart Communication through

Management Ideas

Smart English through


Smart English through

Success Secrets

Smart English through

Technology & Science

Smart English through Success Secrets Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom Smart English through Love & Romance Smart English through Movies Smart English through Career Success Ideas

Smart English  through      Love & Romance

Smart English  through   Movies

Smart English  through Career Success Ideas

Smart Communication through Wit & Wisdom

2. How is the Same Method Applied in SpeakEnglishGym?

3. What is the Logic Behind the Name SpeakEnglishGym?

1. How Did You Learn Your Mother Tongue?

Spoken English Simulator - Random Test - 1 Spoken English Simulator - Random Tests - 2 Spoken English Simulator - Random Test - 3 Spoken English Simulator - Random Test - 4 Spoken English Simulator - Random Test - 5 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 6 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 7 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 8

Quick Bites:

why the name speak english gym?

How Does Simulator Improve Speaking Proficiency?

Why the Flawed (& Failed) Methods are So Popular?

What the the Benefits of Content-based-Instruction?

Why Do Spoken English Classes & Language Labs Fail?

The Three Prime Concepts of SpeakEnglishGym

Quick Bites:

Why Do Traditional Methods Fail to Give Results?

The Power of Contextual Feedback

Compare SpeakEnglishGym with Other Leading Products

What is RIEOTS Methodology of SpeakEnglishGym?

Why Can’t Our Grammar Scholars Talk?

Quick Bites:

What are the Unique Benefits of SpeakEnglishGym?

Specimen Speaking Themes of Spoken English Simulator

Experts’ Advice for Building Speaking Skills

Speak English Gym - Franchisee

Frequently Asked Questions: Franchisee Partnership

Visit Franchisee Partnership Page

Franchisee How Did You Learn Your Mother Tongue? How does SpeakEnglishGym Applies the Same principles? Speak English Gym - Franchisee

Frequently Asked Questions: Programs & Products

Visit Exclusive Programs Page

Visit Exclusive Products Page

Compare: SpeakEnglishGym with Ordinary Programs

Companion Book

Speak English Gym Communication Companion

Espoir Smart Communication Companion

The software comes along with a 300 page handy and practical field-book, that is meant to keep your momentum even when you are not with your computer!

It provokes you to amplify the positive aspects of your personal as well as professional life!

Description of all 134 study units and 514 lessons of Espoir Smart English / Communication advancement program.

An assortment of mind-catching example sentences from various programs along with their grammar rules, usages, etc.

Description of Content-based Instruction, and how SpeakEnglishGym identified this as the most suitable methodology after studying over 37,000 candidates.

Dedicated areas to log your test scores and to record the progress you achieve.

Content-based Instruction: Few Assorted Examples

99.2% of Spoken English Classes have One Thing in Common: They don’t Teach Students to Speak in English!
& For Must-Win Examinations (IELTS/PTE/TOEFL/GRE/Bank Exams/MNCs/Govt Services etc.) Designed For High-Stake Interactions (Presentations/Interviews/Public Speaking/Persuasions/Arguments etc.) Exclusive Program Overview Exclusive Products Overview

Screen Captures of World’s First & Only Job Interview Simulator (Ver.2) in DVD Format.

Job Interview Simulator & Trainer

Interviewing for a job is one of the most crucial and future shaping activities we face in our life. Even then, most people proceed to interview rooms blindly, with little preparation and without much self-knowledge, believing that their certifications and qualifications ensure them their dream job...

Interview Training of a few days & Mock Interviews of few minutes can’t build the abilities to win a professional Interview. It needs certain key skills like Answering Reflex, Ability to understand the  to be ingrained into the candidates.

SpeakEnglishGym provides the Job Interview Simulator where the candidates can Record, Save, Replay and Review his/her responses to the unexpected, tricky questions thrown by the professional interviewers.

Spoken English Simulator - Random Tests - 2 Spoken English Simulator - Random Test - 3 Spoken English Simulator - Random Test - 4 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 6 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 7 Spoken English Simulator - Random Sample - 8 Spoken English Simulator - Random Test - 1 Spoken English Simulator - Random Test - 5


Ingraining of such key skills helps the candidates respond meaningfully on the spot - the key ingredient for interview success. This can be achieved only by continually exposing oneself to realistic interview situations where the he/she undergoes exactly the same experience of interviews, respond to situations and understand the consequences of their actions.

Customize Your Interviews: Based on your qualifications. Years of experience, Type of Organisation & Job expectations.

Every Time a New Interview: Over Two-thousand five hundred questions, Mentor-guide advices, Best responses, Professional questions from 16 specialised areas.

Build Unique Abilities: Quickly understand the hidden meaning of the questions, Formulate effective responses, Fine-tune your facial expressions, gesture and overall body-language.

Demonstrate: Your inter-personal, Managerial, and Decision-making skills, Also, your Motivational Behaviours.


Interview Training is NOT Communications Skills Training.

It’s all about

1. Developing Answering Reflex.

2. Ability to Understand Hidden Meanings of the Questions On the Spot.

3. The Ability to Formulate an apt answer on their feet.

4. The Ability to Articulate the Answer Effectively On the Spot.

5. And, the Ability to Deliver it in a way that generates Likeability, one of the most important selection criteria.

Ingrain the skills through multiple iterations (Usage of Spoken English Simulator of Step-1) until the expected level is achieved.







Blend the Personalised Syllabus with a Favourite Theme













Create Personalised Syllabus by analysing the spontaneous speech.